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You are full of sh...t, u pulled it out, i had pulstars in my car and in my bike, never problems, and why u hiding the identity of that plug mising the electrode? U r a jurk

Enerpluse Incorporated - Pulstar spark plug disintegrated and suddenly my car uses lots of oil.

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I installed a set of four Pulstar plugs on my Saturn VUE. After a few months of improved gas mileage my vehicle began having momentary bouts of lost power. After a week or so I thought to pull the plugs to have a look and found the first plug to no longer have a sparking point and was missing a significant amount of glass where the sparking point would have been. The Pulstar company replaced the plugs. A few weeks later I noticed that my oil was down, off the stick. I had never had to put oil in between changes. The oil had never even seemed to lower between changes.

With the sudden loss of so much oil I figured could only be associated with the failed plug. The plug had deteriorated quite a bit of glass and metal into the cylinder. The folks at the Pulstar company assured me their spark plug wasn't the cause of my vehicles oil loss. I inquired how to be sure of that. The Pulstar company's representative did not suggest any diagnostic.

The oil loss continues at about a quart per thousand miles.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I feel bad for you. If an electrode or smallest piece of ceramic drops into a cylinder, it's trashed.

A single grain of sand will destroy a cylinder...think about the damage that a piece of hardened electrode will do. The more you drive, the worse it will get. Any rep. who claims no damage occurred by a piece of metal falling into your engine is blowing smoke up your ***.

A mechanic can examine the cylinder without removing the head by inserting a borescope camera down the spark plug hole.

It won't cost much and you'll be able to see and record all the damage. I'd get all the evidence and take them to small claims court for the cost of having the engine rebuilt.

If that happened to me and they refused to take responsibility, I'd spend a a few spare minutes a day for the next year posting to every car and motorcycle forum with my story and pictures.

Word will spread and any Google search will bring it up within the first few hits. I doubt they'd like that.

Good luck!

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